At what cost? Creating a better normal.

Updated: Feb 25

Football at it's purest

I've stood on these sidelines as long as I can remember - as a player, coach, brother, friend and husband.

When the whistle goes and play begins, nothing else seems to matter but I couldn't help but have a sinking feeling standing at the side of the park since coming to Australia.

"Look at other sports, they're just as expensive!" or "You get what you pay for" (that raises many more questions within it's self).

Sometimes sadly, the response is as simple as "what's the alternative?" when talking about the cost of football in OZ.

SAP (u9-u12) = $900 x 4

NPL (u13-u18) = $2000 x 5

9 years of football = $13,600

(Not including, travel, uniform ect.)

Just because something is normal - doesn't mean that it is right. The past two years left me rudderless & searching for the meaning of it all - I have found it.

Sport must be for the joy of doing & everyone should have access to the opportunity no matter of their financial or social background (provided they have put the hard work in on the field and within their character). Football has changed my life trajectory beyond all imagination based on these principles and our academy will always stand for them.

We will teach your child to play the game in its most beautiful and purest form - we share the ball, we win it back quickly and we never compromise on who we are. All our teams play an identical system that will turn them into the best footballers they can possibly become - long term result (The best footballer your child can be) over the short term result (Winning that U14 game).

We will teach your child the skill of resilience and always trying their best no matter what life throws at them. The path is long and hard, let them fail sometimes, make them keep going when they want to give up and always remind them that blood, sweat and tears is the parent to success.

We will hold you child accountable to their behaviors & actions - un-coachable kids become un-employable adults.

At what cost? The lowest we can make it.


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