DNA Series #1 | The Art of NGU

Our philosophy at the Academy can be broken down into three aspects - How we act, how we train and finally, how we play. With this series we hope to give you a deeper insight into who we are, what we believe and the culture we are creating at our club.

There's not many success stories you'll read that don't involve an element of failure. Michael Jordan was cut from his high school team, Jamie Vardy worked in a factory while playing non league football and Andy Robertson was released from Celtic as he was deemed 'too small'.

What separates these amazing athletes from the rest? Never Giving Up.

One of the defining moments in my own life happened in 2018. Five months after moving out to New Zealand on my own - I quit! I told my employers, thanks for the opportunity but I'm off and let my family know they would be seeing me sooner than we all thought.

Unsettled and outside my comfort zone, I felt I had no choice but to call it quits and go back to what I knew.

One phone call changed my mind, "I don't think you're done yet - keep going".

I gritted my teeth, pushed through the pain and the rest is history!

Hopefully the lessons we teach at HFA are much deeper than just football. When people meet our players I want them to say 1) "These kids can really play!" but more importantly 2) "...and they're really amazing people too!".

They are...

  • respectful (shake hands and say something positive at the end of the session),

  • conscientious (tidy up after themselves and leave every changing room spotless),

  • great learners (growth mindset - understand that mistakes are part of learning and quickly overcome them),

  • leaders (one person speaking - we listen to each other and take in information)

  • the hardest working and most resilient people I have ever met! (NGU - We never give up!).

These 5 little behaviours might not seem like much on the surface, but from little things - big things grow!

Next time you or your son or daughter are in that little uncomfortable moment were you feel like giving in is the most natural thing to do - NGU. Resilience is a muscle that grows every time we use it. Prepare your child for the path of life, not the path for the child.


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