DNA Series #2 | Training & The Value In Stubbornness

Our philosophy at the Academy can be broken down into three aspects - How we act, how we train and finally, how we play. With this series we hope to give you a deeper insight into who we are, what we believe and the culture we are creating at our club.

What should a H.F.A training session look like? Messy, playful & demanding!

Throw your sports science in the bin, along with your tedious warm ups, over coached session themes and neatly presented passing drills.

Play the game in all it's forms, be connected to yourself and each other, make decisions (good ones & bad ones), share the ball & run harder than anyone else.

Take onboard hard truths, listen to people who know more than you and remember nothing good happens on a football field from having your eyes down and your shoulders up.

The learning is all around you, in every moment - don't let it pass you by.

"Imagine who you could be, and then aim single-mindedly at that." Dr Jordan Peterson

It's often seen as a negative trait but at HFA we like stubborn people - someone who has something different to say and refuses to compromise their values!

Stubborn people tend to show more resilience, know what they want, make firm decisions and I guess most importantly - they have a plan & are committed to seeing it through!

Let's all be a little more stubborn when it comes to player development - have a long term vision and aim single-mindedly at that. You may fall or veer onto another path, but I guarantee you'll end up closer to where you want to go than aimlessly wandering through life.

This is who we are, this is what we do, jump on the bike and start peddling or get out of the way!!!

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