The Woombye DNA

The Woombye DNA is our Club/Academy Training & Playing Methodology. It's a clear guideline on how we perceive the game and the behaviours we accept from our players.

Our DNA is based on the following three pillars...


How We Act

At HFA we hold just as much value to what we do off the field as on it. We have a set guideline of behaviours that all our players must follow and we hold our players to high standards at all times.

We aim to teach our players the values of Resilience, Accountability, Self Awareness and Growth Mindset.

Read more about 'How We Act' here.


How We Train

We believe that the majority of our players development occurs on the training ground. At HFA we train year round and as often as we can.

Our training environment is based around opposed practice as it offers our the players a high volume of context to support their decision making in game.

At HFA we focus on a player Led training environment, high levels of competition and we always train within the parameters of our playing style.


How We Play

Our Playing Philosophy is based around 10 key words spread across the four moments of the game. (With the ball, Without the ball, Winning the ball and Losing the ball).

We have three Golden Rules that perfectly sum up our playing style...

1.All players must strive to play high possession & aggressive pressing based football inline with our ‘Woombye D.N.A’ playing principles.

2.All teams must play fair & be humble in victory or defeat.

3.All players must try to win the game but not at the expense of rules 1 & 2.